Fort Ad Pays
has distributed more than
10 million dollars in commissions

Follow our best profit strategy with minimum investment!


Compensation Plan

Fort Ad Pays has the simplest compensation plan.

Fort Ad Pays offers variable daily commission on your purchase, up to the allowed profit, everything depends on the turnover of the company, some days more than others, but you earn every 30 minutes depending on the Ad Packs/shares you have, that means, the more Ad Packs/shares you have the better your daily earnings. Fort Ad Pays> distributes proportionally 60% of the total turnover of the company to users who own Ad Packs/shares (revenue sharing position).

It's from the sales of our Ad Packs or Advertisement service that we share revenues.

To receive these great profits you simply have to acquire the Ad Packs/shares in Finance, Purchase shares and view 4 Ads per day, which will take you less than 3 minutes a day!!

The benefits for users who acquire AdPacks/shares of Fort Ad Pays are:

  1. Earn 75% of the total turnover of the company depending on the number of shares you have.

  2. Earn 21% commissions on affiliate levels.

  3. Earn 50% of the total turnover of the company, obtained by the ads.

  4. Earn with the Fort Ad Pays' Career Plan

You can also earn money visiting PTC Ads (paid to click) in View Ads > Earn Money this allow you to earn outright 0.01 or $ 0.02.

How Fort Ad Pays works

    1. View 4 ads per day in the menu View Ads > Surf Ads

    2. Add funds in the menu Finance > Add funds

    3. Acquire revenue sharing Ad Packs in the menu Finance > Purchase shares

    4. Promote your Referral Link, splash page, landing page without doing SPAM

    5. Make money & withdraw fom Monday to Friday in Finance > Withdraw funds

The best Strategy to earn more in Fort Ad Pays

  1. Repurchase from Cash Balance or Repurchace Balance & acquire more revenue sharing Ad Packs in Finance > Purchase shares

  2. Repurchase, repurchase & repurchase, it speeds up your goal to earn more dollars daily. We advise you don't withdraw!

Impossible Not To Make Money in FORT AD PAYS !!